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Soft elegance, timeless design

Mimouca Design Studio is an interior design studio based in Barcelona, composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The essence of our projects is based on elegance and timeless interiors. We create spaces with soul, generating a particular luxurious, sophisticated and modern atmosphere.

Caring for every detail, we achieve to create a language full of emotions and sensations in every design, always innovating towards the future but never forgetting about the past. Our passion for aesthetics provides accuracy and perfection in every project.

Marta Casas

Founder of Mimouca Design

After several years in the business world, Marta Casas decided to turn her life around and dedicate herself to her true passion: interior design, creating her own studio Mimouca Design Studio in 2012. Passionate about good design, elegance, sophistication and modern luxury, her projects are characterised by creating great visual harmony and comfort, always seeking to make her clients’ dreams come true.


Mimouca Design Studio

Creating interiors since 2012

Mimouca Design Studio born in Barcelona to carry out the most international design. Passionate about comfort and modern luxury, we adapt to the preferences of our clients interpreting their wishes and needs. We work for private clients or for national and foreign developers. We design the interiors of buildings ranging from the common areas to the complete design of houses and focusing on the project’s soul.


Passion for design

Interior Design

Passionate about detail and comfort, we design each project as a whole, giving priority to the use of noble materials, textures, and custom designs, creating a real luxury atmosphere.

Furniture Design

We design custom furniture for each of our projects. Created especially for the occasion we believe in the personality of spaces with unique designs full of elegance and sophistication.


Through 3D images, we create virtual spaces that allow our customers to sell their buildings more easily.

Real Estate

We work for the main real estate helping them to create the most luxury and comfortable show flats or residential promotions.

Project Management

We have a network of highly reliable industrialists who can respond to all the needs of each project from its beginning to its final delivery