We are going to talk about materials, their trends and what we like when it comes to giving personality and character to spaces, whether they are intended for a workplace, a place of rest or the home itself in general.

In this post we will focus on a material that we love, especially when it comes to transmit purity, quality and, especially if what we want is to give the space a great decorative force.

Everyone knows the greatness that throughout history we transmit both architectural and sculptural creations of immemorial pieces made in this timeless stone that is marble.

All great cultures have worked marble creating unique works of art that have arrived to our days almost intact. In the time of the Greeks marble was used as a decorative element but above all it was symbol of quality, exclusivity and greatness. Its applications were made of exceptional way in constructions, temples or houses of noble families. Likewise, marble has been a material that has been strongly associated with the desire to
durability, being one of the materials most chosen by the royalty over time.

However, if there is one quality that this material stands out for and that is one of the great reasons why we like it so much, is precisely because of the character of exclusivity given by its natural origin. No two pieces of marble are alike, and that originality and uniqueness is what gives it that decorative force of distinction and quality. Each piece is unique and with its own streaks and its unique tones and colors differentiate it from others, Hence the enormous variety of marble that exists.

Apart from its unique character, the resistance, the wide range of finishes, the versatility of uses, the variety of colors or veins are other of the many qualities offered by this stone that make it a fantastic option for to create totally different environments.

We like the marble, its versatility and its character timeless, totally in trend and that fits us to incorporate it in different environments in any context .
Among the different varieties of marble we usually choose those of Carrara or the exotic ones very veined that give an enormous personality to the rooms to which they are incorporated .

Our recommendation is to use it in the design of furniture, in bathrooms or even in kitchens, to integrate it with the rest of the materials and achieve that decorative and exclusive force that we like so much. Here is a sample of the marbles that we like the most and we we invite you to discover all the uniqueness that this material can reach you offer.

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